What is SEO ? How to rank on google first page ?

What is SEO?

What is SEO
What is SEO ?

Do you also blogging ? If you want to know more then you have come to a very good place, today I will try to remove all the SEO related problems you have.
If you are blogging or want to do it in the coming time, then it is very important for you to know one thing, which we call SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  , many of you will know a little bit about SEO. In this, you all know that if you have to do something online, then you have to come online first and take much knowledge about it.
Many new bloggers come and create their own website and publish a lot of posts on it, but they do not get anything because "they are moving and they said that they do not know anything".So, they leave Blogging after a few days.
So, brothers, if the same happens with you, If you may read this post completely, hoping that you can overcome every problem and explain it very easily.
By the way, SEO tells all different ways to do it, but I will try to tell you something different so that you can get some benefit.
So let's slowly know that What is SEO? Complete information on how to do seo yourself

What is Seo ? site optimization - Full information

SEO is such a thing, due to which the questions and answers around the world work on the basis of it.
SEO is a technique with the help of whatever questions and answers are shown on Google only through this, it shows how important SEO is for Website / Blog.
Let me try to convince you easily through an example, let's say you have to get information about something and you went to Google like Search Engine and wrote your question and after that the result which is seen below is the help of SEO You have come to such a top because of which you will get complete answer to your question and you will get satisfaction from that question.

What is the full form of SEO?

Full form of SEO is -  (Search Engine Optimization)

Why SEO is  important for Websites / blogs?

I am giving you a little information about SEO, after all what is SEO ? So brother, now let's know why SEO is so important for our website / blog?
So brothers, if you also work hard day and night on the website / blog and write such a good article, but somewhere you feel that my hard work is being wasted, this is because you are working hard But along with that, there is some smart work which you are not doing.
If you are also doing something similar then from today you will start doing smart work, because if you do smart work  with hard work then you will get success soon.

Is SEO Easy or Difficult?

  • SEO is very easy to learn, you just have to give time to it, there are many people in such a way that they have made the website today and done SEO and leave till tomorrow thinking that traffic is not coming on the website, how will I be able to earn money from it? There are many other types of questions going on in his mind.
  • So, let me tell you, to do SEO and to rank the website on the first page, you need to give time. If you give time, then one day you will realize that I have done something in my life.
  • If you have been working hard and doing your work well and most important thing, be patient, give time for a few months to let Google know about your website, so that it will increase your website ranking and then you will have traffic.
  • If you are learning SEO then it is fine, but if you are learning and using it on your website then it will be great for you, because the thing you learn  and by yourself is very important.
  • When you will be fully experienced in SEO, then you have no problem in making money online, because SEO is very important in online work and it works everywhere.

What are the types of SEO? 

By the way, some people say that there are two types of SEO, but according to me there are three types of SEO because I have done this thing on my own website when 
There are three types of SEO.
  1. On Site SEO 
  2. On Page SEO
  3. Off Page SEO 

1.On site SEO : -

If you are on Blogger then it is very important for you to do On Site SEO  , because Blogger is a free platform, due to which you will have to do some hard work, if you are WordPress then it is great for you because you have many plugins on WordPress. With the help of which your On Site SEO becomes very easy.

2 . On Page SEO : -

So brothers, now the real game starts here from SEO, which can be very helpful for you.
On Page SEO does not mean that many people fail due to which they fail in Blogging Career and leave very soon, today I will try my best to tell you about On Page SEO Optimization .
On Page SEO is such a part of SEO, without which you must forget that you will also be able to rank your website in Google and earn money from it, because if you want your website to be ranked in Google, then it is the most important work to do on Page SEO,  to your post. 

How to do On Page SEO?

So brother people will tell me something to do On Page SEO, due to which we can do SEO of our website and get ranked quickly in Google.

I) Website Speed-

  • You will know that in today's time no one has much time and even if someone stays, he does not want to waste much time because of this, we have to understand that if you have created a website, with the help of which you will help others Information is delivered.
  • So now, what is the work of Website Speed ​​in this, then if people believe that someone came to your website to read something and your website opens in such a time, then it will leave your website and run away.
  • If it takes 4Sec to fully open your website, then if it seems more than this, then it can affect your SEO, due to which, no matter how good and quality your post is, it will never rank.
  • To increase the speed of the website, you do not need to do much work, just keep the theme of your website with very light design and compress all the images you have. You can use Shortpixel.com to compress your images.

II) website navigation- 

Use this thing in your website or blog so that the Visitor visiting your website can be easily and he can also go to the navigation you have made and read the information.

What is Navigation?

The small category that remains inside the website is called Navigation.

III) Title Tag 

Title Tag, which you will know what happens, yet I try to tell you like you have written a post and what you have written on the very top of it is called the title, brother, you remember the title You can benefit greatly by writing Short as much as possible, because the Visitor search is more likely to click on the short link, this will increase the CTR of your website, due to which the ranking of your site can be very good.

IV) How to write a post URL? 

Brother, you write the URL of your post as short as possible, because of this Google's Crawler can understand quickly, due to which the ranking of your website can be very good.
V) Internal Link- 
If you have 10 posts, then you can do internal linking, it will be beneficial that along with one of your posts, all the posts will start showing quickly in google.

VI) Image Alt Tag 

Image Alt Tag with the help of which you can bring a lot of traffic to your website, because in today's time more people come from the image, people should use at least 1 image on your website, 1 Image is equal to 1000 words.

VII) Content ,Heading and Keyword –

Content  that you all should know that if you are thinking of blogging, then you will know that due to Content Is A King  , due to which your success can come in a day, if you have written such an article. Which is not on the Internet, so when people suddenly start searching for the same thing, then understand that your life will be made.
Heading,  if you write a post, then you need a Heading, Sub Heading H1, H2, H3 to write a quality post, due to which the look of your post is very good to see and nowhere on your website. It does impact.
Keyword  If you start writing about any Keyword without searching about it, then your hard work will go completely waste, because if you do not research Keywords properly, then forget that Traffic on your website Will come sometime, because I used to do this in the beginning too.

3. Off Page SEO : - 

Off Page SEO means that it has nothing to do with your website, in this, you just have to look out for which Techniques you can promote your website, due to which the traffic of your website will increase a bit.
Although there is not much in Off Page SEO but it is as important as On Page because if your website is new then it is very important for you to do Off page, because without knowing Off Page Google will not know that your There is also a website.
To do Off Page SEO you need to do some things like creating a backlink and sharing your post on social media so that Google feels that this website is trusted and then you get traffic by pressing.
So friends, here is the information about What is SEO? How to rank in Google? With the help of which you can SEO your website, you can easily bring your website to the first page of google.
Hope you like this post of mine plz share this post , how to rank in Google?What is SEO? If You have any Queries You can contact me in contact page or in the comment box below. Thank You.

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