5 Best Ways to increase blog traffic for free

5 Best Ways to increase blog traffic for free

how to increase blog traffic for free
How to increase blog traffic for free

Traffic, which is the dream of every blogger, to bring traffic to his website, so in today's post, we know about how to increase blog traffic for free? I will try to give full information about this, you read this post completely.

You must know that in today's time, how much Scope of Blogging has increased, everyone wants to come in this field.
Many of you create a blog / website and then spend all time thinking about why traffic is not coming to my website, now even after 1 month of making a website, you start thinking, how to get visitors to my website for free?
Brother, if you also want to do well in Blogging and want to be successful, then you will have to give at least 6 months, now also I cannot say to the Guarantee that some people get quick success by working very hard and some people Let's get a little late.
If you want to do some work in your life and think that it can never happen without hard work and time, then you will have to give time in every work, similarly Blogging is also giving you time, so you will definitely get its results somewhere.
So guys, according to my own opinion, I will give you some tips, so that you can get some information, but once you do the following thing, you will have to be patient because you will not start coming so soon, for which you will have to give a few days Will be
So let's know in detail about  how to get visitors to your blog?

5 ways to increase blog traffic for free

I will give you 5 such tips with which not only traffic can also make you a Blogging Master, because the same thing works everywhere, so you read it carefully.

1 . SEO Friendly Blog:-

If you do not know much about this, then I will tell you everything about it, so that you do not face any problem,
You must have read a lot of places or have heard in videos on youtube what does SEO Friendly Blog mean? So, brother, suppose you wrote an article and wrote it very well, but somewhere you forgot to do SEO in it, meaning that you did not do what Google likes, then all your hard work went into the water.
To write SEO Friendly Blog , you have to know everything about Google, such as a Proper Theme that is open properly in Mobile and also in Computer / Laptop, as well as a format of Google which is We all know the name of On Page SEO
To know in detail about On Page SEO, then you can comment below. 


 2 . Keyword Research Technique:-

You all will know that before you go anywhere, You have to keep all your necessary things well, so that there is no need to miss anything, just like that you have to do before writing a post on your blog / website to grow blog traffic.
You have made your blog SEO friendly but now just by doing that you will get some traffic, then another thing comes in front of us, which we call Keyword Research, which means to check any keyword well.
While doing Keyword Research, you have to see only and only the competition, now you will say how to will earn again, so my brother do not focus on Earning initially.
First of all, make a ranking of your website, from which you will get some traffic and you keep on motivating by seeing it, which will increase the Ability to do more good for you.
Some people go to the post of Paid tool just a few days after starting Blogging, where Ahref said that they waste money for plugging Semrush so-and-so plugins, but I will not tell you to work with Paid tools only. .
There are some free and good tools to do Keyword Research like, Google Keyword Planner , Keyword Everywhere , with the help of which you can do research for free.
Now some personal tips that I use myself, suppose if you have searched any Queries (questions) on Google, then you will see 10 results there, below that you will also see some suggested keywords, which are also searched a lot. Make one of them your Focus Keyword and then write the article a little bit.

3 . Write Post On Visitor Demand:-

Some people make a big mistake here, such as they have taken their domain tech and they do Shayari / News Post on it, which makes a big mistake because Google itself gets confused when it crawls that site. is.
Write a post on any one topic that after reading your Visitor gets some information and keeps a trust on you which is very important.
Now how will you find out what the Demand of visitors is? What they like to read the most, then brother, you have to write at least 20 posts for that first, from which you will know which post and comment are coming at the most and that information of the people is good or just Just came and went to study.

4 . Social Media Technique:-

Now it is the biggest problem for a new blogger, no matter how hard you work at the beginning, no one is going to read his article, just like that happened to me when I started blogging in 2018, only a few friends used to read.
But now it has come to know that the power of social media, which helped me a lot, so I will give you some personal tips with the help of it, which hardly anyone else has told.
Whenever you write and publish a post, first of all share it on all social media as much as you can, according to your Niche, there are many Groups on Facebook, which is very important to join. Traffic can be found in social media.
What will be the benefit of social media? If you have such a question in your mind, then I answer it, as if you have created your website and are working very hard on it, but still Google will not recognize you so that it will never rank your website. .
There is a link built from social media, due to which information of your website goes to google, due to which the ranking increases and the authority of your domain also increases.
Now some of my personal tips which I implement myself, such as a simple way has become a way to share and one way is to engage people such as, you write a post which is not written yet or else People have written a lot of, then go and share it.
One more tip, make a post on your website rank in Google and then take a Screenshot of it and share it in your Groups with which people will search for it and then traffic will start coming to your site, then people will trust you Engage and you will start accepting your mentor.

5 . Guest Post Technique:-

If some people do not know much about it, then it is important to tell about it too. Guest Post means that you want to publish your written article on another website, Guest Post is, in a way Also understanding that like a guest, you go to another house.
What to do with Guest Post and Traffic, then brothers, let me tell you that with one brick your entire house will not be built, in the same way if you proceed by doing everything then you will get everything.
How to get traffic from guest post? So brother, if you have ever visited a website and have read their post completely, then you will get a different link somewhere in their post, which will be a link to the website of a guest posting, from which they will get some traffic.
What is the benefit of Guest Post?  This creates a chain of your website that gets connected to each other's website and then you slowly start understanding Google as trustworthy, then after a few months you rank it in Google.

So friends, I expect that you have no doubt about  how to increase blog traffic for free? If you liked it and if you have any questions, you can ask me in the comment box. Thank you for reading.

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