How to create a website free on google

How to create a website free on google

How to create a website free on google
How to create a website free on google

We have covered a lot of different topics so far, but there is a topic on which a lot of friends have doubts about how to create a website free on google for  a long time and that is how to create a free website.

Now when anyone asks this question or requests that we need a tip to create a free website, then that question is half because they probably do not know the full meaning of the free website or blog or concept.

He probably heard from a friend that his brother made his website and you can earn money but this is not completely true. Then come to know this whole concept and understand what is a blog and website and what is a free website or free website on Google?

I know that if you are new to a website or blog, then you will have many questions in your mind and I hope that you will get answers to many of your questions in this post.

We start from the beginning between the website and the blog and try to understand the difference between the two: First of all, know what the website is and what the blog is ?

What is a website :

 Today, in the time of the internet, all of us are becoming dependent on the internet for any information. In the present day every types of information and news is available online and we have to visit the website to see this information or news.

Website means a location where a lot of information is stored and stored in web pages. Like if there is a hotel website, all the information related to that hotel is stored in web pages and put on the website.
To characterize a site, it tends to be said that the site is such a focal area where data is put away in a great deal of pages and any client can see the pages of that site by interfacing with the Internet. For example, if you are searching for information about a company, then after connecting to the Internet, you will have to go to that company's website.

Once you open that website, you will find a lot of All pages - Home, about Us, contact us will be found on which the company will have information. These pages accessible on the site are called site pages.

Thusly, a site is an assortment of many website pages and these site pages can contain a wide range of sorts of data. This data can be as text, just as illustrations, liveliness, sound or video. What number of pages a site will have relies upon what reason the site is and what data the site proprietor needs to impart to web clients. The site can have from one page to a large number of website pages.

How to open a website : To open a website, you have to open your mobile or computer browser (eg Chrome, IE, Mozilla etc.) and then enter the name of that website in the browser (For example . As though you are perusing this page of this site, at that point you have opened this site wherein it is known as a program.

What is the difference between websites and web pages: A website is a collection of all web pages. Comprehend this for instance of a book - you can consider the book a site and the pages accessible in it are website pages. In this way, the name of the website you are currently on is and the page you are reading is called a web page.

Who makes a website and why: In today's date, all information is available online, so all the people who are doing business or want to do, create a website to make their presence or product information available even to the online people. Apart from this, if anyone wants to reach any kind of information to people all over the world, then a website is the best tool. Since the web is accessible on each home and portable today, anybody can visit the site anyplace on the planet, open the site on their gadget.

What is the difference between a blog and a website:Generally any company uses a website to share information about its product or about itself. Creating a website requires more technical expertise than a blog such as programming knowledge html, .net, Must have knowledge of java etc. programming language platform.

Apart from this, generally the website is not updated very quickly and most of the time there are no discussion and commenting options, whereas in Blogging, if you start writing about any topic, then keep posting new posts about that topic every once in a while.

Just like trickkart is a blog on which information about technical topics is told every once in a while, if a company has to give its information, then they will use the website and not the blog. By the way, one can say that a blog is also a website, but a website cannot be a blog because a blog is an online platform that shares any kind of information, so it can also be called a website.

I should make a blog or website for me:

Now the particular question here is what should I create from the blog or website. See, you have to write regularly about a topic, get to know their feedback by connecting with people and participate in discussion with them and most importantly if you want to earn money, then you can start blogging.
Blogging can also be started without much technical knowledge.

In the blog, you will share information about any topic and as the traffic on your blog increases and people visit your blog more and more, you can earn money through advertisement on your website. I will tell you in a later post how you can earn money from blogging.

Ways to create a free website: If you want to create a website on which there will be limited information or information of your product and company, then you can make a free website in some online ways. Example -, etc.

Ways to create a free blog : 

To create a free blog, you have to choose some platform. To decide which will be the right platform, you should read this post. What options do I have for creating a free blog and click on this link to go which method I should choose.

Best Free Blogging Platform to make blog

By reading the post till here, you must have come to know that to start free blogging, you have to choose some platform and we can also tell you here that it is the easiest to start for you, Google Blogger Start blogging using the platform.Sometime when you run your blog for free on Google platform and feel confident, then later if you want to move to another platform like WordPress etc.
Steps to create a free blog with the help of Google Blogger: Now here we are telling how to create your blog with the help of Google blogger. You follow these steps and in a few minutes your blog will be ready.

Step 1: To create your free website or blog on Google, first you have to create your account on
Step 2: If you have an account on, then you type in the browser. When opens, click on Create your blog there -

How to create a website free on google
How to create a website free on google

Step 3: After clicking Create your blog, it will ask you to login on your account. If you have already created your account on then it is very good, if you do not login, then login after creating your account on
Step 4: After login with Google Gmail account, follow the below graphics steps -

(1) Set the Display Name of the below Blogger Profile -
(2) Click on create new blog below
(3) Now below you set the title, website address and its theme of your new blog -

Here the basic look of your website is ready. So this was basic steps of how to create a website free on google Now you can access it from anywhere but on this website and blog, you will have to make many changes so that it can be user friendly and set according to your needs. Necessary steps for this will be explained in the next post. If you have any questions, then you can ask in the comment box below.

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