How to choose keywords for seo | Importance of keywords in seo

How to choose keywords for seo ?

Hello Friends,
The biggest problem of all of you is not getting traffic on the website, to get free of this thing, we will have to get the most important information about Keyword Research .
So brother, in this post today, we will know about How to choose keywords for SEO? You read the post completely, I hope you I will clear everything.
By the way, brothers, most of the bloggers made this mistake and this mistake has happened to me too. What should a person learn by mistake, then you do not take any tension at all, I will try to tell everything very easily.
The dream of all bloggers is that Organic Traffic came to their website and they could earn some money, but due to the same thing, this dream of everyone is broken.
I too made such a mistake in the beginning, I used to write any post without Keyword Research, which would have indexed the posts but Organic Traffic did not come.
Let's know one by one How to choose keywords for SEO?
How to choose keywords for SEO
How to choose keywords for SEO

What Is Keyword Research?

Friends, as we all know, before doing any work, we have to get good information about the work that will be good for us in the coming tomorrow.
Keyword Research is made up of two words,
Keyword - Whatever we write in Google as text is called Keyword.
Research- Taking very good information about something, we call it research.
So my brother Keyword Research is a technique where we have to get complete information about Keyword, such as how many people search for it in a month (Search Volume), how many people have already written posts on it (Competition) and on that Keyword How much money can we get (CPC).
So it is very important for us to know about all these things so that we can guess. If we write a post on it, then in the coming tomorrow our post will rank on the first page of Google.
So guys, till now you must have cleared everything,
Now after this I will tell you that you will be able to understand correctly which competition is more on which keyword, on which there is little work or on which it is least.
Short Tail Keyword: -  If you are a New Blogger then I can hardly say that it is not possible to rank on this keyword because only the site with the highest DA PA is able to rank on this keyword.

Example – SEO , Blogging , Affiliate Marketing
Moderate Keyword: - There are some Chances to be ranked here because Competition is too much on this, but if you do most of the things and do something different, then you will get a very good rank and good traffic will also be available.
Example -- What is SEO? , What is?, What is Affiliate Marketing? 
Long Tail Keyword: - Now it is for some new Blogger, everyone says that if you are a new Blogger, then Long Tail Keyword is the best for you, yes it is also right. Here you get a lot of competition, due to which you can easily rank.
When you slowly get all your posts ranked, then your website's DA and PA will increase, so that you can get your post ranked whenever you want on any Keyword.
Like - What is SEO? what is blogging? how to make a blog in 2020? , How to do Affiliate Marketing easily? 

Is Keyword Research Important?

Yes very very important.
Wait guys, I will try to tell you some things. Suppose you want to build a house and before you build a house, you will get a good design of the house, just like before writing a post, you will find a good keyword and then the post Will write.
With this it will be beneficial that you will be successful in blogging quickly and will start wishing a lot of money, but in this also you will have to give time, it is not that if you have written the post today, then it is not possible to rank it till tomorrow.
Now as if you thought a keyword "How to choose keywords for SEO"  , google will show you a lot of results as you can see in the image below, now tell me if you do not do Keyword Research correctly, will google make your site 1,14,00,000 Will show your website in the result.

how to choose keywords for seo google
how to choose keywords for se

How to choose keywords for SEO ? complete information

Till now we understood what is Keyword Research? Is it important to do Keyword Research? 
Now we will know about How to choose keywords for SEO? This is the biggest problem because there are so many keywords in an article, so no such tool has been created so far that you can search for the perfect keyword.
You have to do it all by yourself and it is not too difficult either, you can also do it easier.
  • Search Volume- It helps a lot in increasing your traffic  , because as long as people do not search for that keyword, then writing your post is useless, that's why as much search volume will be benefited, but some things are also below. If all this does not do together, then there is no benefit of doing one.
  • Long Tail Keyword-  You must have known what is the benefit of Long Tail Keyword, so I do not think it will have to be told. This is very important for you.
  • Competition-  You have to watch everything together, and also to see how many people have already written posts on it.
  • Related Keywords- This is also very important, because when your main keyword is not able to rank, then whatever keywords you have added, you are ranked somewhere else.
  • Cost Per Click CPC- Now even talk of some money, try to get a good CPC on which to write a post on it, because money is everything if good CPC is not available on your keyword then its not beneficial but sometimes we have not to look for money then it's ok.

Keyword Research Free Tools

Let us now know about some Keyword Research Free Tool which is absolutely free.

Google Keyword Planner

Whenever anything comes, Google comes first, this is the reason why Google is growing so fast in today's time, because everything is being made by Google itself, be it CMS or own advertising platform.
So Google has also made a tool for you with which we do Keyword Research, because now you cannot spend so much money to buy Paid tools like Ahref , Semrush and many more.
I still use Google keyword planner only because it is absolutely free, you will not have to pay any money, and the best thing is that the entire database of Google remains with Google, so that it does not have to take anyone else. .
If this is the case of a paid tool, whenever you put a Keyword on it, first it will ask for Search Engine and then go and show you the result.
With Google Keyword Planner you can find very good keywords very easily and by working on it, you can get good traffic.


If you are in the blogging field, then you must have known Neil Patel Sir , because he is called an SEO Expert.
This tool is made by them, and the best part of it is that it is also absolutely free, you do not have to pay a single penny.
Just like you get to see in a Paid tool, you get to see it in the same way, you can easily take complete information on any keyword, and it is also different from Google Keyword Planner.

Google Auto Suggest

When you come to do some search on Google, you do not do a full search, because as soon as you do a little search, then Google brings you suggested keywords, which makes you easy and you click on it and go websites.
Now you will say that what will you gain from here, brother, if you have targeted one keyword and you type the same, then you will also get some other keyword with the help of which you will make it Subheading.
Friends, here is some free tool to do Keyword Research, from this you can do Keyword Research in Free, if you want to take Paid, then you can take it.
I hope that this is my post How to choose keywords for SEO? If you have liked a little bit of information, then you can make us happy by commenting below.

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