Best android emulator for 1gb ram PC

Best android emulator for 1gb ram pc

Hey guys, today I am going to tell you about some of the best android emulators for your personal computers (PC). You must have the question in mind of what these emulators will do in your personal computers & why they are needed in your work stations. 

So, today most of the people are using android smartphones, and these smartphones make us connected to the world & also have become the main mode of entertainment for us. Now, since when we work on our personal computers these android emulators will enable our computer to run those android apps that we frequently use, making it simple for the user as he doesn’t need to operate his smart phone again & again. Like WhatsApp, it introduced WhatsApp web for its users so that while a user is using his personal computer he can just chat to his WhatsApp contacts via his personal computer easily, no need of operating the smartphone again & again while working on a personal computer.

Best android emulator
Best android emulator

Android emulator will enable users to run android applications on his personal computer, enabling him to play android games, chat via chat applications, also helping him to run those applications that cannot work in his android device due to low hardware specifications of his android smartphone. So, let’s get started, and let me tell you about some of the best android emulator for your personal computers (PC):

Nox App Player

The nox app player is one the most popular android emulator software for personal computers. The best thing I like about it is its rendering feature & compatibility with the computer for various applications. Whether it’s a heavy gaming application or light applications nox is ready to operate them on your personal computer without any hassle.

I recommend this emulator specially for those users who need the android emulator to play android games on their personal computer & also for the application developers who want to test their android applications time to time.

You can download the nox app player from the link : DOWNLOAD

Best android emulator for 1gb ram PC

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Features of the nox player:

It has a very clean & simple user interface design making it easier for the users to understand it & use the applications very easily.

The nox app player is fully compatible with gamepad & other personal computer extensions. So, for gamers it is the best emulator till date.

Can be used in both windows & mac personal computers.

The nox app player comes with the play store, so no hassle in downloading the applications as users can directly download them from the google play store application which is available in the emulator itself.

Also, in the nox app player if the user wants to download the external third-party applications then he can simply allow the applications installation from unknown sources to install them.
Consist of great graphics, with great user interface design. So, while using applications it gives best experience in terms of graphics.

It allows multitasking, so run multiple android applications without any hassle.
Runs in all windows including 10 too.

Nox app player has a built in browser, allowing it to capture pictures & videos. You can also download these captured videos & pictures.

Users can take screenshots too & also it offers various customizations.

So, this was all about nox app players & personally I recommend it to all gaming people.


BlueStacks is another one of the most popular android emulators for your personal computer workstation. It has a great user interface design, and it is very easy to install & operate. Although bluestacks is one of the oldest android emulators, but still because of good updating by its developers & its various features has still made it one of the best emulators.

 One thing you must note is that even though it has various features & good user interface design, bluestacks is not a light android emulator. For low specification personal computers, having less than 4 GB ram should not use this android emulator as bluestacks takes a large amount of ram usage while working & it will lag if you have less ram & storage.

Download bluestacks from given link : DOWNLOAD

Best android emulator for 1gb ram PC

Some of the features of bluestack:

It is available free of cost & doesn’t contain any advertisements too, so use it without any hassle.
It can operate on both windows & mac platforms.

It offers multi gesture support, so those who have touch screen laptops or touchpads have various advantages while using bluestacks.

It is compatible with android TV, while also supports all other media & computer peripherals.
Offers full screen mode, which is not available in many emulators.

So if you have a good specification workstation then blue stacks is a good choice, offering various applications & good for all types of android applications for an average user.

Remix OS player

This is another android emulator that I like very much because it comes in marshmallow android version, while other emulators usually come in android kit kat version. It has a very attractive user interface design & a good operating design to understand. It is better than other emulators as it is enabled to run those applications that are unable to run on the kit kat version platform.

You can find its download link : DOWNLOAD

Best android emulator for 1gb ram PC

Features of this awesome emulator:

It offers dual booting ability, so you can use it on a separate client or window partition.

It offers built in the Google play store, so users can directly download all the applications from the play store as they like.

Also users can download & install the third party applications, just allow the third party application installation in settings.

Perform well in the gaming applications; also its graphic rendering is good.

It offers multitasking, so operates various android applications at same time without any hassle, with effective resource utilisation.

Remix is a very nice emulator, but please note that it is only available for windows operating systems only right now. Also it is good for the users having medium specs personal computers.

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So guys that was all about the best android emulator for 1gb ram pc without graphic card . I hope this article was helpful to you & answered all your queries. Thank you for your precious time.

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